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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Band of The Week

Well it seems that the 3rd post in a row will be the band of the week post. This is why University sucks. Cant get your music done. Although this Saturday coming up the new band on the Asylum blog should have a recording to be posted up. Hopefully.

Anyway this band of the week is a rather rare band. Extremely hard to find any information on. You can however download their albums from good old futuristic metal or as I've just found out, the links are on their myspace page. Anyway they are a Russian band that play a mix of death & djent with some wicked samples in the mix. I'd definately recommend them to any metal fan, especially if you like Meshuggah, Fear Factory and/or Cannibal Corpse.

The band of the week is...


Visit them at:

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