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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Birth of Sol Downloads

As promised, Birth of Sol are about to have their first release. Birth of Sol are an alternative style metal band from west Auckland. The 3 piece band has been together for approximately 6 months now with Dilyn Coleman on vocals and guitar, Marshall Berry on drums, and Adam on bass. The six songs they have created and performed are listed below, along with their appropriate links. As usual, for free download. Together the 6 songs form Birth of Sol's debut ep. Enjoy.

1. Embrio [0:57]
2. The Alone Sky [7:44]
3. Extending To Nothing [5:28]
4. Smiling [7:05]
5. Profound [8:52]
6. Surreal [2:15]

(Click the song title to go to the download page - all downloads are through Mediafire)

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