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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Blue Devil's New Song

Out of some surge of inspiration Chris and Matt wrote an entire song (minus the drums & lyrics) a couple of days ago in one sitting. The song puts together a few of the biggest influences and favourite bands into one song, which will be recorded today - and the drums added to it later.

The song, so far titled Big Cock due to the energy drink we brought that day for a laugh (check out a pic of the can here), is a cross between two or three genres. Technically two, but three is a more accurate description. We can this new cross genre DDB, which is just an acronym for the genres/styles which are apparent throughout the song. Death, Djent, Blues.

Influences: Aborted, Bloodbath, Meshuggah, Suffocation, Johnny Winter and ZZ Top.

As far as lyrics and vocals are concerned the main vocals (verses) will be performed by Matt but at this point in time I believe that the chorus vocals may be done by Chris but that is yet to be confirmed. As for the theme/idea behind the lyrics Chris has suggested a journey through hell.

As always the recordings of this song will be uploaded and the links placed on this site for free download.

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