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Monday, November 30, 2009

Band of The Week

Ok its time for another band of the week. First of all I'd just like to mention that the past month has been relatively slow for the bands of AMG, it being exam time and all. But now uni is over and were all on holiday until March.

So.... anyway the band of the week ending Sunday 29th November is described as progressive, ambient, math metal. I'll just call them f*cking awesome. I would recommend them to anyone who is a fan of Meshuggah, Tool or Deftones.

This unsigned Illinois band successfully cross the bridge between the heavy dominating riffs of Meshuggah & Keith Merrow with the softer vocsal style found in bands such as Deftones. But dont miss understand me, there is screaming.

The band of the week is...

Visit them at their:

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Blue Devil News

Just a little news update for The Blue Devil...

TBD have so far completed 2 songs - Burnt Me To The Ground and The Darkened Dawn (instrumental). Both of these are available for download. The original, acoustic, version of Burnt Me To The Ground has not yet been recorded but may very well be soon, and once recorded it will be uploaded for free download.

The Blue Devil have been working on 3 new songs, with the working titles Sands of Time, Blackmail and The Simple Truth.

Sands of Time, like Burnt Me To The Ground, is a hard rock type song. However it has a heavy southern influence, as with most of Matts guitar. Once again Matt will be performing vocals for Sands of Time but also playing lead guitar, while Chris plays rhythm and Dave does the drums. The guitar for Sands of Time is complete, but the drums have not yet been finished.

Blackmail, also written by Matt, Blackmail is a southern groove metal song influenced by bands such as Pantera, Lamb of God and Chimaira. As of yet, the guitar has not yet been completed however vocals will be performed by Chris, guitar by Matt and Dave on Drums.

The Simple Truth is another southern groove metal song in the process of been written by Matt. This song draws from influences such as Slayer, Byzantine and possibly a bit of Black Sabbath, as always. Vocals: Chris, guitar: Matt, drums: Dave.

When any of these songs are recorded in any form, rough mix or practice performance, they will be converted to mp3 and uploaded for free download.

Band of The Week

I apologise for the lack of posts over the last 12 days but for some reason the blog didnt want to accept anything. Anyway it seems to be allowing me to post now, although some of the formating options refuse to work but hey thats just symantics.

Anyway so the band of the week for the week ending sunday 22nd November....

Alright this band is Russian, and their vocals are in Russian. But this is metal, you dont always know what theyre on about when the vocals are in English so whats that matter. Personally I think its kind of awesome.

It terms of genre I'm not sure where to put them but the Russian wiki site lists them as 'Modern Metal' but personally I think the term modern metal is bullshit, it can apply to any band in the last 10 years but whatever. They are also listed as melodic death metal and metalcore, now that makes more sense, but theres something else in there. Anyway its bloodly great shit...so go check it out.

They formed in 2002 in Moscow and have released a few albums.

So...the band of the week this week is.....

БеZумные Усилия
(BeZumnye Efforts)

http://altwall.spb.ru/img/groups/bezumnie.jpg http://xzona.net.ru/uploads/posts/2008-02/1202919849_4s.jpg


Visit their:
Myspace (translated)



Friday, November 20, 2009

Band of The Week

Ok the band of the week ending last Sunday...see this is what happens during exams, you start to get behind on posts...goes back to what this was originally going to be all about. That is good metal bands that probably dont get the recognition they deserve.

So this, well last weeks band of the week is a djent style band. i.e. influenced by Meshuggah haha. Search up djent in google if you need clarification on what it is - its a guitar technique.

Anyway, good Dutch heavy metal. Similar to Mistaken Element, Tesseract and Xerath this band uses both screamed and sung vocal styles over mind crushing riffs and beats.

This weeks band of the week is...


Visit their:

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zaryathus - Music of The Solar Winds [2009] Free Download Link

The Day Has Come!

Music of The Solar Winds

Total Length: 01:10:56
Size: 59.22mb
Bitrate: 128kbps
[320kbps available on request]



1) 1951 Farewell To The Master (1:41)
2) Desolation Constellation (00:29)
3) The Dark Rift (4:46)
4) The Second Coming (The Dark Rift Part II) (4:00)
5) Starburst (5:08)
6) Equilibrium In Equinox (10:15)
7) The Loftstrom Loop of Figure Number 5 (03:12)
8) Galatic Allignment Twenty Twelve (00:34)
9) The M82 Syndicate (3:50)
10) Starwisp (2:23)
11) Music of The Solar Winds (31:03)
12) Code To Zero (3:25)

Download For Free From:


Monday, November 9, 2009

Zaryathus Album Release

The upcoming Zaryathus Album Music of The Solar Winds is due to be released tomorrow, Tuesday 10th of November. So it should be up on the blog for free download within the next two days.

Band of The Week

This weeks band of the week, ending Sunday 8th November is again a little different than what most of the bands of the week will be. You would call them metal, maybe hard rock, but they definately incorporate the blues into their music. And yes theres a hell of alot of harmonica. Haha.

Anyway, they are definately worth checking out. Theyve been around since the 1990s and theyre still going so cant be too band eh?

The Band of The Week is....

Five Horse Johnson

Visit their websites:
Five Horse Johnson Hompage

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Recommend Computer Programs For New Artists

This post is just about a few programs that I would recommend for any small time band or any sort of artist that wants to put some of their stuff together and record it, write it down, mix it, whatever you want.

Guitar Pro Version 5.2

Alright, Guitar Pro isnt exactly for recording anything but it is a great tool to have. It allows the user to write down their guitar riffs, bass riffs, drum beats and pretty much any other instrument including vocal pitch simulators into a single file. This means that you can write down your guitar riff (using the frets and strings on guitar pro) and then add drum beats etc etc to it. The playback option also allows you to get the general idea of what it will sound like to. Although I'm yet to find a very good guitar simulator.

You will be able to download and open of guitar pro files as well of other bands songs such as Lamb of God et etc from websites like Ultimate Guitar. Using the latest version (5.2) means you will be able to open any .gp* file.

Overall Guitar Pro 5.2 is a great tool for any one writting music or learning to play an instrument.

Sony ACID Pro

Sony ACID Pro is a recording and DAW (digital audio workstation). It allows you to record your music through the line in or usb ports on your computer. It can also be used for multitracking and mixing. At first it may seem a little difficult to use but after you fiddle around with it for a bit it is relatively easy.

Sony ACID Pro also has a variety of rendering options, from low quality bitrates to 320kbps in MP3 format, and a range of other formats such as WAV or M4a. You can also customise your own profile for rendering.

Acoustica Beatcraft

Acoustica Beatcraft is a drum machine program that allows the user to input everything and anything when it comes to the drums. This means every type of symbol and drum, along with more downloadable content, different styles of drums, tempos, beats per second, etc etc.

The sound created by Acoustica Beatcraft is also quite realistic. The beats that you create can be rendered in MP3s and other formats so that you can upload them to the internet as audio files, put them on your ipod to jam along to and so forth. The renderings can be in a variety of formats and bitrates.


I chose these three programs for one main reason. While other programs out there are great, even better than these, you can all find these on the internet to download (including serials or cracks). But I urge those of you who do download the program to trial it and if you like it, buy it or use free software.

Recommend but expensive software:
1) Drumkit From Hell
2) Pro Tools
3) Logic Pro

Monday, November 2, 2009

Zaryathus - Music of The Solar Winds [2009] Tracklisting

Music of The Solar Winds [2009]


1) 1951 Farewell To The Master (1:41)
2) Desolation Constellation (00:29)
3) The Dark Rift (4:46)
4) The Second Coming (The Dark Rift Part II) (4:00)
5) Starburst (5:08)
6) Equilibrium In Equinox (10:15)
7) The Loftstrom Loop of Figure Number 5 (03:12)
8) Galatic Allignment Twenty Twelve (00:34)
9) The M82 Syndicate (3:50)
10) Starwisp (2:23)
11) Music of The Solar Winds (31:03)
12) Code To Zero (3:25)

New Zaryathus Single

Here is a link to the second Zaryathus single from the upcoming album Music of The Solar Winds, due to be released very soon. This download is at 320kbps.

Zaryathus - The Second Coming

Download Zaryathus - The Second Coming
Artist: Zaryathus
Track Title: The Second Coming (The Dark Rift Part II)
Album: Music of The Solar Winds
Year: 2009
Length: 4:00
Format: MP3
Size: 9.16mb
Bitrate: 320kbps

Download Link