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Monday, November 30, 2009

Band of The Week

Ok its time for another band of the week. First of all I'd just like to mention that the past month has been relatively slow for the bands of AMG, it being exam time and all. But now uni is over and were all on holiday until March.

So.... anyway the band of the week ending Sunday 29th November is described as progressive, ambient, math metal. I'll just call them f*cking awesome. I would recommend them to anyone who is a fan of Meshuggah, Tool or Deftones.

This unsigned Illinois band successfully cross the bridge between the heavy dominating riffs of Meshuggah & Keith Merrow with the softer vocsal style found in bands such as Deftones. But dont miss understand me, there is screaming.

The band of the week is...

Visit them at their:

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