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Monday, November 23, 2009

The Blue Devil News

Just a little news update for The Blue Devil...

TBD have so far completed 2 songs - Burnt Me To The Ground and The Darkened Dawn (instrumental). Both of these are available for download. The original, acoustic, version of Burnt Me To The Ground has not yet been recorded but may very well be soon, and once recorded it will be uploaded for free download.

The Blue Devil have been working on 3 new songs, with the working titles Sands of Time, Blackmail and The Simple Truth.

Sands of Time, like Burnt Me To The Ground, is a hard rock type song. However it has a heavy southern influence, as with most of Matts guitar. Once again Matt will be performing vocals for Sands of Time but also playing lead guitar, while Chris plays rhythm and Dave does the drums. The guitar for Sands of Time is complete, but the drums have not yet been finished.

Blackmail, also written by Matt, Blackmail is a southern groove metal song influenced by bands such as Pantera, Lamb of God and Chimaira. As of yet, the guitar has not yet been completed however vocals will be performed by Chris, guitar by Matt and Dave on Drums.

The Simple Truth is another southern groove metal song in the process of been written by Matt. This song draws from influences such as Slayer, Byzantine and possibly a bit of Black Sabbath, as always. Vocals: Chris, guitar: Matt, drums: Dave.

When any of these songs are recorded in any form, rough mix or practice performance, they will be converted to mp3 and uploaded for free download.

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