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Monday, November 23, 2009

Band of The Week

I apologise for the lack of posts over the last 12 days but for some reason the blog didnt want to accept anything. Anyway it seems to be allowing me to post now, although some of the formating options refuse to work but hey thats just symantics.

Anyway so the band of the week for the week ending sunday 22nd November....

Alright this band is Russian, and their vocals are in Russian. But this is metal, you dont always know what theyre on about when the vocals are in English so whats that matter. Personally I think its kind of awesome.

It terms of genre I'm not sure where to put them but the Russian wiki site lists them as 'Modern Metal' but personally I think the term modern metal is bullshit, it can apply to any band in the last 10 years but whatever. They are also listed as melodic death metal and metalcore, now that makes more sense, but theres something else in there. Anyway its bloodly great shit...so go check it out.

They formed in 2002 in Moscow and have released a few albums.

So...the band of the week this week is.....

БеZумные Усилия
(BeZumnye Efforts)

http://altwall.spb.ru/img/groups/bezumnie.jpg http://xzona.net.ru/uploads/posts/2008-02/1202919849_4s.jpg


Visit their:
Myspace (translated)



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