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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Band of The Week

Well seen as I've already decided what the band of the week this week is going to be, I thought I might as well do it now. It's not like I've actually done the majority of them on the 'proper' day anyway. Oh yea, by the way thats Sunday. Ha, think theres ones on Friday, Monday, Tuesday, probably even a Wednesday in there too.

So the band of the week this week is another instrumental, one man band. Surprisingly unsigned - so if any of you record label types are reading, make him a bloody offer (email below). You'd be a fool not to. Coming from Columbus, Ohio he has four releases to the name, all of which are offered for free download. How freaking sweet is that.

In the style of some good old progressive djent music, this band is similar to Chimp Spanner, Tesseract, Keith Merrow and Vildhjarta. So just from that list you know its gotta be good - I mean 3 out of 4 of those have been the band of the week in the past.

Anway without further wasting your time, the band of the week is....

Thursday, February 18, 2010

The M.E. Project's First Release

The first The M.E. Project single has just been released, recorded today using a Line 6 Pod XT the song Upon Thy Parchment runs for a total of 10minutes 52seconds and is reminisent of the band Earth, with a slight blues twist.

And as usual, you can download the mp3 file free. The link is below.

Potential New Band for The AMG

A potential new band may form and becoming part of the Asylum Music Group. Guitarist/Bassist/Vocalist Matt Edwards is looking at re-forming what they call The Hells Band. The Hells Band is the unofficial name of a group of former Hells Pizza employees that started jamming when they all worked together. However they soon drifted apart after the store closed down.

Today Matt and drummer/guitarist/bassist /harpist Callum got together for a jam. The result was some epic acoustic - electric blues. They are contemplating re-forming The Hells Band with another guitarist (also an ex Hells employee).

The Hells Band looks to be a promising prospect, and gives Matt an outlet for his blues influenced guitar playing and vocal style that doesnt have much of a place in The Blue Devil or the Untitled Project.


In related news Matt Edwards is currently writting two more songs for The M.E. Project. The first song being a similar style to the band Earth and the second song being a much more rocky one, in the style of Godsmack, Rob Zombie and Soil.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


The first official practice for the new band by Chris and Matt is this Saturday, hopefully by the end of it they will have decided upon a name for the band as well as written the drums for Matts new djent song.

Also they plan on rewritting The Blue Devil song The Darkened Dawn, putting more progressive drums to it and altering the guitar parts slightly. As always all updates will be posted on here and any recordings will be made available for free download.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Drummer Joins The New AMG Band

After a long search Chris and Matt have managed to find themselves a permanent drummer for their new project, still currently without a name, but as soon as one is decided upon it will be posted up on here.

The drummer Robert Macambridge agreed to join the band Saturday night, so from now on they are formulating their first song, which will hopefully be released before the 1st of March. Fingers crossed.

Band of The Week

Ok this band here has made it to band of the week despite not even releasing an album yet so you know theyre good.

Djent style music, of course, this bands name is Swedish, meaning Wild Heart and the teaser for their upcoming album can be found on youtube, or if you want to download their stuff thats been released so far you can try either Last.fm or Futuristic Metal.

So without further pissing around, the band of the week is....

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Writting Music For The M.E Project

Despite an earlier post where it was revealed that The M.E. Project is taking a back seat for the a bit while Matt works on his other bands, it has not been full abandoned. He hopes to release The Omega Scroll some point during the middle of this year, and has finished three tracks for the album with another five under way.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Upcoming Gig!!!!

Birth of Sol are performing twice this month with the help of the Indie Club.

Firstly at the Live Bar, Hobson St, Auckland City. Thursday 25th February 2010 with Sommeand Big Punch.

And secondly at the Masonic in Devonport, Auckland. Friday 26th February 2010 with Frozen Alice, Audio Pilots and the 2AM Orchestra.

Entry is $10 and includes a free cd, so go along and support your local acts.

Band of The Week

Okaly dokaly, the band of the week for this week is going to be a little different that normal. They are mainly the band of the week this week because they have an upcoming gig in Auckland and I'm just encouraging people to go along to see a fantastic band.

More towards the rocky side of metal this band has some of the strangest yet funniest lyrics I've heard, so if not for any other reason you should check them out based on that. But the riffs and beats throughout their songs are solid and brilliant. Get you caught up in the music regardless of whether you actually like them or not.

So by all means go and check these guys out and go support them, its $40.

The band of the week this week is....

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Delay In The M.E. Project Release

Due to Matt Edwards pushing for the development of The Blue Devil and his newly formed Untitled djent project with Christain Geese (The Blue Devil), the release of The M.E. Project's upcoming album The Omega Scroll has been delayed.

Matt still hopes to put out the album by August however when he formed his solo project he always knew that it would take a back seat when it came to his other bands.


The newest addition to the AMG, Christians and Matts untitled band is still looking for a permanent drummer. So if you live in Auckland, play drums and like Meshuggah give us an email.

The bands first non improvisational song is currently being structured and put together at this time. They hope to record the song within the next couple of weeks, and by that time hopefully have a drummer to put the drums to it. Otherwise its back to the trusty old drum machine.

As well as the new song being written by Matt, Chris and Matt have decided that due to the differing stlyes and technical expertise between the two bands they have formed that the song Through Hell, currently under the band name of The Blue Devil, will be performed by their new untitled band instead.

Monday, February 1, 2010

New Blog For The AMG

The Asylum Music Group has just launched another blogspot for the sole purpose of helping New Zealand Musicians make their way in the giant world of music.

The new blog, titled: The Asylum Music Group's Musician Finder, is a place where individuals can post advertisements seeking a band to play with, or just other people to jam along with them, as well as for bands to seek new members and upload information about their upcoming events.

Its very easy to advertise on the blog - all you need to do is email the Asylum Music Group at asylummusic@msn.com with all the relevant information and within a few days a post will appear on the blog. Oh and of course, just like everything else with The AMG, its FREE.

Band of The Week

Alright another band of the week. Sticking with the usual, heavy djent style music, this weeks band of the week is another one man band, heavily influenced by Meshuggah. The instrumental style however allows for the artist to give them music a slighly more progressive twist.

Definately worth checking out.

The band of the week is...

Keith Merrow

Visit him at: