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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Potential New Band for The AMG

A potential new band may form and becoming part of the Asylum Music Group. Guitarist/Bassist/Vocalist Matt Edwards is looking at re-forming what they call The Hells Band. The Hells Band is the unofficial name of a group of former Hells Pizza employees that started jamming when they all worked together. However they soon drifted apart after the store closed down.

Today Matt and drummer/guitarist/bassist /harpist Callum got together for a jam. The result was some epic acoustic - electric blues. They are contemplating re-forming The Hells Band with another guitarist (also an ex Hells employee).

The Hells Band looks to be a promising prospect, and gives Matt an outlet for his blues influenced guitar playing and vocal style that doesnt have much of a place in The Blue Devil or the Untitled Project.


In related news Matt Edwards is currently writting two more songs for The M.E. Project. The first song being a similar style to the band Earth and the second song being a much more rocky one, in the style of Godsmack, Rob Zombie and Soil.

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