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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Band of The Week

Well seen as I've already decided what the band of the week this week is going to be, I thought I might as well do it now. It's not like I've actually done the majority of them on the 'proper' day anyway. Oh yea, by the way thats Sunday. Ha, think theres ones on Friday, Monday, Tuesday, probably even a Wednesday in there too.

So the band of the week this week is another instrumental, one man band. Surprisingly unsigned - so if any of you record label types are reading, make him a bloody offer (email below). You'd be a fool not to. Coming from Columbus, Ohio he has four releases to the name, all of which are offered for free download. How freaking sweet is that.

In the style of some good old progressive djent music, this band is similar to Chimp Spanner, Tesseract, Keith Merrow and Vildhjarta. So just from that list you know its gotta be good - I mean 3 out of 4 of those have been the band of the week in the past.

Anway without further wasting your time, the band of the week is....

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