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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Blue Devil Upload/Download

Alrighty then, the song, formerly known as, Legs is complete. Well as much as it can be for now. Chris has successfully recorded the majority of the guitar and the drums. Just one part that needs to be changed really, and thats the different sound from his guitar doesnt create the same effect in the part of the song where theres suppose to be a guitar scream/squeel.

Although, Kudos on putting it together and giving it a proper structure. The damn thing use to last anywhere between 2mins and 20minutes. More often that not it drifted towards the 20minute end, with 12 to 15 minutes being the standard.

Anyway.......... The Blue Devil - The Darkened Dawn is now ready for you to download.

The Blue Devil - The Darkened Dawn

Artist: The Blue Devil
Album: The Darkened Dawn
Title: The Darkened Dawn
Year: 2009
Format: MP3
Size: 4.85mb
Length: 4:14
Bitrate: 160kbps
(128, 192, 256 & 320 kbps are also available on request)

Download Here From Rapidshare

Upcoming Zaryathus Album

Zaryathus is bringing out an album, a full 70 minutes of hardhouse music with a twist of heavy metal, science fiction and horror.

The album, titled: Music of The Solar Winds will be available for download for free from this blog as soon as possible. The albums cover has just been released, see below, along with a song from the album, The M82 Syndicate (3:50). A download link to The M82 Syndicate is below also. Two more 'singles' are planned to be released over the next couple weeks, followed by the entire album. You will be able to find the links for their downloads from this site as soon as the become available.

Zaryathus - Music of The Solar Winds [2009] album cover

Download Zaryathus - The M82 Syndicate
Artist: Zaryathus
Album: Music of The Solar Winds
Year: 2009
Length: 3:50
Format: MP3
Size: 3.51mb
Bitrate: 128kbps
(320 available on request - 8.8mb)

Download Link

Bandof The Week

First of all I would actually like to explain what the band of the week post is all about. Its nothing to do when the bands album was released or even if they have an album. Its more about just a band that may not be known by very many people but are good enough that they deserve world wide recognition.

So, this weeks band of the week goes to a band that is not exactly big, in fact I only stumbled across them by msitake. But I now have 3 of their three albums. The 3 man German band play a more industrial, progressive sort of metal. And the use of keyboards is not uncommon. For some reason they remind me a bit of Nevermore or even Strapping Young Lad, could be the vocals for the Nevermore similarity but I'm not sure. Anyway these guys are worth checking out.

The Band of The Week ending 1st November, 2009 is...

Dark Suns

Visit their:
Official Website

Friday, October 30, 2009

New Artist Joining The Asylum Music Group

A new artist is joining the Asylum Music Group.

Zaryathus (logo above) has just joined AMG and while the music is a little different to that of the other stuff on here, well its still part of AMG for the same reason as all the other bands are. We all know each other.

Band/artist name: Zaryathus
Genre of music: Sci fi hardhouse

Zaryathus (pronounced: Zar-rye-a-this) is actually a DJ who produces hardhouse and techno dance music with a science fiction and metal twist to it. You will be able to download individual songs, and the albums that Zaryathus creates from this blog for free. This is recommended for any hardhouse fan, but definately those who are also into metal and/or science fiction.

Band of The Week

Ok, so the internet was being a little screw ball last week and I never got to post of the band of the week. So I'm doing it now.

The band of the week for the week ending 25th October 2009 is a little different than what I'd normally put. They are a New Zealand band, and I'd recommend that if you get the chance to go and see them, go and see them.

Well theyre a cover band, and a bloodly good one too. I saw them at the Kings Arms the other week and god damn it was a good gig. So the band of the week is....

Whole Lotta Led

As you may be able to guess, they are a Led Zeppelin cover band. Not that thats uncommon, but these guys are actually damn good. Solos dead on, bass is outstanding and even the vocals, which are bloodly hard to meet are 99% Robert Plant. And the drummer, well, this guy is just bloodly insane. You cant help but stop and stare as he plays. Hes brilliant.

The stage performance these guys put on is awesome, they dress and act like their Led Zeppelin counterparts, its just awesome.

Visit their myspace here. Theres a small clip of them playing but nothing much, you need to see them live!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

TBD News

Due to some unfortunate events and timing, The Blue Devil is no long recording Burnt Me To The Ground in the next couple of weeks. However a song that has so far been used as a warm up when we practice will be recorded by Chris using a drum machine.

The song is an instrumental, heavy doom song and is mostly improvisational (especially the solos). However he aims to put down the main parts of the song and record new bits here and there. As of yet the name of the song is 'Legs', named after the finger movement I use for the odd sound throughout the song.

When the song is finished being recorded by Chris, and possibly Matt, we will upload the song onto the blog so that you will be able to download it for free!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More TBD Pics

The Band




The Blue Devil's Newest Song

Alright, this upload is only the very beginnings of the song so far titled 'Sands of Time'.

The download consists of a quick recording of the guitar, played and written by Matt, as well as some clips holding vocals, also done by Matt. However the final version will have the vocals done by Chris. Dave is currently in the process of writting the drums for the song.

Download the RAR file from Rapidshare here.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Band of The Week

This weeks band of the week is one that has a reasonable recognition in its home country but for those that live outside New Zealand it is quite possible you havnt heard of them before.

They are extremely good live... in fact at one gig I was at a while ago they were supporting an Australian band called Daysend; and once they had finished playing and before Daysend could come on, the crowd thinned considerably.

Anyway the band of the week - ending 18th October 2009 is:


Subtract is a mix of trash, death and groove metal. Its rather difficult to pin them to a genre. Best bet to find out what they are like is to either go to the bands myspace or the NZ muzic site and listen to one of their songs.

In the past theyve supported Children of Bodom and Lamb of God, which they are doing again on LOGs return to NZ. They are also supporting Arch Enemy and The Amenta. This is just to name a few.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Blue Devil News

The Blue Devil plan to properly record their song 'Burnt Me To The Ground' over the next couple of weeks. Whens its completed the studio recording will be placed up for download in various formats and bitrates.

Also there is talk of the band covering the song 'Bury Me In Smoke' by the super-group Down.

Monday, October 12, 2009

New Download Links

The Blue Devil MP3 Downloads

Live Improv. Saturday May 16th, 2009
Size: 81.4mb


Burnt Me To The Ground
Size: 7.85mb

File Factory

To view specific details on these downloads click here.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Download The Blue Devil

Here are 3 RapidShare links to download music by The Blue Devil.

Live Improv. Saturday May 16th, 2009
Size: 81.4mb
Tracks: 7
1. White Sun, Red Star Version 1
2. Whats On Christian's Mind
3. Break It Down Ya'll
4. Alright
5. Deep, Hard & Funky
6. Today On...I Forgot
7. White Sun, Red Star Version 2
Download Here

The Blue Devil Improv. Comedy
Size: 60.6mb
Tracks: 5
13 Minute Itch
Blood Insane
Psycho-delic Metal
The Saga of Horse Renwa
The Tail of The Veternary Gynocologist
Download Here

Both downloads above were recorded live, and all but White Sun, Red Star are improvisational and recorded before Dave joined the band as our drummer. The track below originated as an improvisational acoustic song but after some practice it has become the track below - recorded during one of our practice sessions.

Burnt Me To The Ground mp3
Size: 7.85mb
Bitrate: 320
Tracks: 1
Vocals: Matt
Guitar: Chris
Drums: Dave
Download Here

The Band of The Week

Alright the first 'Band of the Week' post - Sunday 11th October, 2009.

This week the band of the week is a self describe Progressive, Rock and Metal band from Spain. Personally to me they sound as if they have a slight Meshuggah influence.

Distance is currently unsigned, but damn are they good. You can email them at distancemetal@gmail.com.

You can listen to their music here: Distance Myspace, Megaupload
Watch videos here: Distance Myspace, Youtube & Youtube

Megaupload link thanks to Futuristic Metal.blogspot

Download The Blue Devil - Burnt Me To The Ground

You can download The Blue Devil - Burnt Me To The Ground mp3 for free from:


Saturday, October 10, 2009

The Blue Devil - Band Photos

Align CenterChris


11% Dave

Matt "Bender"


Welcome to The Blue Devil

Who we are: a metal band based in Auckland New Zealand, formed in late 2008.

Stylistic Genres: heavy metal, death metal, doom metal, southern rock, acoustic, blues, progressive metal, experimental. However we are trying to narrow that field a little....and it seems to be heading towards a southern metal sound.

Members: finally, as of about 2 months ago, The Blue Devil consists of three members, having finally recruited a drummer - in alphabetical order - Christain (Guitar & Vocals), Dave (Drums) and Matt (Guitar, Vocals & Bass Guitar).

Main Influences:
Christian's Vocals: Dagoba, Devildriver, Lamb of God
Matt's Vocals: Down, Spiritual Beggars, Suffocation
Christians Guitar: Deftones, In-Quest, Meshuggah
Matt's Guitar: Black Sabbath, Lamb of God, Spiritual Beggars
Dave's Drums: Dimmu Borgir, Lamb of God, Trivium

Although we've tried to narrow down the list of influences to the main 3 per person, its bloody hard to choose. To be honest if we were to list the influences you'll find in just 3 songs, it would be a rather long list. Everything from Muddy Waters to Led Zeppelin, and Suffocation to Down.

On this blog: on this blog you will find posts that relate to anything The Blue Devil, including download links to our music.

The Origin of The Name: The Blue Devil

The name 'The Blue Devil' comes from old American blues musicians.

The Blue Devil was said to be the devil which gave them, well, the blues. He was the devil of sadness, sorrow & depression. So the name links us back to our blues influences.... And it sounds cool so why not.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Blue Devil - Burnt Me To The Ground [2009] Video

This is a video recording of one of the practices of The Blue Devil performing 'Burnt Me To The Ground'.



Matt: Vocals
Chris: Guitar
Dave: Drums

Written by: Matt, Chris, Dave (The Blue Devil)

The Blue Devil

The Blue Devil was a band started by Matt Edwards & Christian Geese in 2008.

The band originally started as an acoustic, electric duo that played more "lounge" type music, i.e. an acoustic rhythm with a slight overdriven electric solo overlayed. However it wasnt too long before it progressed into more of an experimental band, playing alot of improvisational metal music with blues twist.

After a while The Blue Devil started putting lyrics to their music, also improv, and then started to write songs down, creating songs they were able to write down and repeat rather than the (on average) 10 minute mammoths they had played previously. Although they had started to write the songs down and began to perfect some of them, The Blue Devil often revisited their improv roots and recorded songs such as 'Whats on Christians Mind', 'Blood Insane' and 'The Tail of The Veternary Gynocologist'.

At this point The Blue Devil only missed one element, a drummer. A drum machine just doesnt have the same feel as a drummer - especially seen as the original members had only a very limited drum knowledge. Although the song 'White Sun, Red Star' (a death metal song) was written and played using the drum machine. But after a few months of searching drummer Dave Hu joined the band and The Blue Devil was reborn.

The band took on a new stance, moving away from its predominantly improvisational style towards the creation of songs that could be used over and over. After a few weeks of playing together The Blue Devil became more focused on one genre - Hard Rock - and put together the song 'Burnt Me To The Ground' which was originally an acoustic song written the week before Daves entrance into the band. Since then the band has been working on more new material such as 'Sands of Time' (working title) and hope to release a demo in the near future.