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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Download The Blue Devil

Here are 3 RapidShare links to download music by The Blue Devil.

Live Improv. Saturday May 16th, 2009
Size: 81.4mb
Tracks: 7
1. White Sun, Red Star Version 1
2. Whats On Christian's Mind
3. Break It Down Ya'll
4. Alright
5. Deep, Hard & Funky
6. Today On...I Forgot
7. White Sun, Red Star Version 2
Download Here

The Blue Devil Improv. Comedy
Size: 60.6mb
Tracks: 5
13 Minute Itch
Blood Insane
Psycho-delic Metal
The Saga of Horse Renwa
The Tail of The Veternary Gynocologist
Download Here

Both downloads above were recorded live, and all but White Sun, Red Star are improvisational and recorded before Dave joined the band as our drummer. The track below originated as an improvisational acoustic song but after some practice it has become the track below - recorded during one of our practice sessions.

Burnt Me To The Ground mp3
Size: 7.85mb
Bitrate: 320
Tracks: 1
Vocals: Matt
Guitar: Chris
Drums: Dave
Download Here

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