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Friday, October 30, 2009

New Artist Joining The Asylum Music Group

A new artist is joining the Asylum Music Group.

Zaryathus (logo above) has just joined AMG and while the music is a little different to that of the other stuff on here, well its still part of AMG for the same reason as all the other bands are. We all know each other.

Band/artist name: Zaryathus
Genre of music: Sci fi hardhouse

Zaryathus (pronounced: Zar-rye-a-this) is actually a DJ who produces hardhouse and techno dance music with a science fiction and metal twist to it. You will be able to download individual songs, and the albums that Zaryathus creates from this blog for free. This is recommended for any hardhouse fan, but definately those who are also into metal and/or science fiction.

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