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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Blue Devil Upload/Download

Alrighty then, the song, formerly known as, Legs is complete. Well as much as it can be for now. Chris has successfully recorded the majority of the guitar and the drums. Just one part that needs to be changed really, and thats the different sound from his guitar doesnt create the same effect in the part of the song where theres suppose to be a guitar scream/squeel.

Although, Kudos on putting it together and giving it a proper structure. The damn thing use to last anywhere between 2mins and 20minutes. More often that not it drifted towards the 20minute end, with 12 to 15 minutes being the standard.

Anyway.......... The Blue Devil - The Darkened Dawn is now ready for you to download.

The Blue Devil - The Darkened Dawn

Artist: The Blue Devil
Album: The Darkened Dawn
Title: The Darkened Dawn
Year: 2009
Format: MP3
Size: 4.85mb
Length: 4:14
Bitrate: 160kbps
(128, 192, 256 & 320 kbps are also available on request)

Download Here From Rapidshare

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