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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Blue Devil

The Blue Devil was a band started by Matt Edwards & Christian Geese in 2008.

The band originally started as an acoustic, electric duo that played more "lounge" type music, i.e. an acoustic rhythm with a slight overdriven electric solo overlayed. However it wasnt too long before it progressed into more of an experimental band, playing alot of improvisational metal music with blues twist.

After a while The Blue Devil started putting lyrics to their music, also improv, and then started to write songs down, creating songs they were able to write down and repeat rather than the (on average) 10 minute mammoths they had played previously. Although they had started to write the songs down and began to perfect some of them, The Blue Devil often revisited their improv roots and recorded songs such as 'Whats on Christians Mind', 'Blood Insane' and 'The Tail of The Veternary Gynocologist'.

At this point The Blue Devil only missed one element, a drummer. A drum machine just doesnt have the same feel as a drummer - especially seen as the original members had only a very limited drum knowledge. Although the song 'White Sun, Red Star' (a death metal song) was written and played using the drum machine. But after a few months of searching drummer Dave Hu joined the band and The Blue Devil was reborn.

The band took on a new stance, moving away from its predominantly improvisational style towards the creation of songs that could be used over and over. After a few weeks of playing together The Blue Devil became more focused on one genre - Hard Rock - and put together the song 'Burnt Me To The Ground' which was originally an acoustic song written the week before Daves entrance into the band. Since then the band has been working on more new material such as 'Sands of Time' (working title) and hope to release a demo in the near future.

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