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Friday, October 30, 2009

Band of The Week

Ok, so the internet was being a little screw ball last week and I never got to post of the band of the week. So I'm doing it now.

The band of the week for the week ending 25th October 2009 is a little different than what I'd normally put. They are a New Zealand band, and I'd recommend that if you get the chance to go and see them, go and see them.

Well theyre a cover band, and a bloodly good one too. I saw them at the Kings Arms the other week and god damn it was a good gig. So the band of the week is....

Whole Lotta Led

As you may be able to guess, they are a Led Zeppelin cover band. Not that thats uncommon, but these guys are actually damn good. Solos dead on, bass is outstanding and even the vocals, which are bloodly hard to meet are 99% Robert Plant. And the drummer, well, this guy is just bloodly insane. You cant help but stop and stare as he plays. Hes brilliant.

The stage performance these guys put on is awesome, they dress and act like their Led Zeppelin counterparts, its just awesome.

Visit their myspace here. Theres a small clip of them playing but nothing much, you need to see them live!

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