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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bandof The Week

First of all I would actually like to explain what the band of the week post is all about. Its nothing to do when the bands album was released or even if they have an album. Its more about just a band that may not be known by very many people but are good enough that they deserve world wide recognition.

So, this weeks band of the week goes to a band that is not exactly big, in fact I only stumbled across them by msitake. But I now have 3 of their three albums. The 3 man German band play a more industrial, progressive sort of metal. And the use of keyboards is not uncommon. For some reason they remind me a bit of Nevermore or even Strapping Young Lad, could be the vocals for the Nevermore similarity but I'm not sure. Anyway these guys are worth checking out.

The Band of The Week ending 1st November, 2009 is...

Dark Suns

Visit their:
Official Website

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