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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Delay In The M.E. Project Release

Due to Matt Edwards pushing for the development of The Blue Devil and his newly formed Untitled djent project with Christain Geese (The Blue Devil), the release of The M.E. Project's upcoming album The Omega Scroll has been delayed.

Matt still hopes to put out the album by August however when he formed his solo project he always knew that it would take a back seat when it came to his other bands.


The newest addition to the AMG, Christians and Matts untitled band is still looking for a permanent drummer. So if you live in Auckland, play drums and like Meshuggah give us an email.

The bands first non improvisational song is currently being structured and put together at this time. They hope to record the song within the next couple of weeks, and by that time hopefully have a drummer to put the drums to it. Otherwise its back to the trusty old drum machine.

As well as the new song being written by Matt, Chris and Matt have decided that due to the differing stlyes and technical expertise between the two bands they have formed that the song Through Hell, currently under the band name of The Blue Devil, will be performed by their new untitled band instead.

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