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Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Blue Devil News

The Blue Devil havnt been able to post much up lately and I apologise for that. If anybody even read or listens to our stuff, but hey.

Yea we're busy writing new music and trying to perfect our style. At this stage we seem to be drifting between different styles but havnt really produced anything thats completely what we want to hear ourselves play. Hell I was happy I finally got a band together that plays 1 song, but now we need to find our direction.

But as usual anything that we record will be uploaded for free download.

We do have a few things in mind, a couple of groove songs, another southern rock song, a few death metal songs and a doom/stoner song. And we may record White Sun, Red Star properly very soon, along with Burnt Me To The Ground.

So we'll just see how it goes.

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