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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Blue Devil's name dilema

The Blue Devil are contemplating changing their name. The name The Blue Devil or TBD for short was brought in when the band consisted of just Chris and Matt. The days in which the music created by TBD was extremely progressive and influenced heavily by blues.

However with the band heading more towards the genre we call DDB (death, djent, blues), the name The Blue Devil does not have the same meaning anymore. Dont get me wrong, theres still a blues element to Matts guitar playing but with the coming of Dave on drums the music has begun to take shape and form, loosing part of the progressive and experimental aspects that it once had. It was these aspects that brought forward the blues influence in his guitar playing.

Now, with the beat of the drums to guide them and to give rhythm, the southern rock and death metal influences have come forth in Matts playing, while Chris is able to lay down the styles of Deftones and Meshuggah on his 7 string Schecter Omen.


Be sure to download the latest TBD song Through Hell from Mediafire!

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