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Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Link for The Blue Devil's The Darkened Dawn

The Blue Devil - The Darkened Dawn

The Blue Devil - The Darkened Dawn

Artist: The Blue Devil
Album: The Darkened Dawn
Title: The Darkened Dawn
Year: 2009
Format: MP3
Length: 4:14

Download Here From Rapidshare
Download Here From Mediafire

The Darkened Dawn was/is The Blue Devil's first properly recorded song. Completed exactly 2 months ago today, so I thought it fitting for a little anniversary to release it on Mediafire. Personally I find it the best file sharing site. So why not. Well to be honest the whole 2 month this is a coincidence, and I just noticed it now while writing.

Anway the Darkened Dawn is some of the best crushing riffs that we've put out. With influences from Black Sabbath to Meshuggah this thing is a headbanging masterpiece.

Oh and by the way - we're bringing back the finger tapping solo. Its not used enough anymore.

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