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Saturday, May 1, 2010

As Paris Hilton would Say "Like, O. M. G."

Yea, its coming dreadfully close to a month since my last little post. Since then the bands of the asylum music group have done practically nothing but drink, smoke and die at the amount of university assignments due.

Thankfully one of these assignments involves a couple of the bands (The Blue Devil & Deconstructed Surface) having proper band photos taken, so some good comes out of it.

Other than that I recording of a live performance by Deconstructed Surface has turned up, and once I get ahold of it, I will upload it to mediafire and multiupload so you can download it for free. However, this is an unofficial recording. Whoever recorded it was in the bar at the time of the gig, so chances are it was done using a cellphone or dictaphone.

Ok so I need to catch up on the bands of the week posts. Screw introductions and descriptions; by now you should know that if I upload them as a band of the week, then they are bloodly good. And you should all go download them with out hesitation. Buy it, but yea, a few offer free downloads. Legend!

So heres 5 bands of the week to make up numbers, plus a bonus. :)

1. Vortice (djent, groove)
2. In-Quest (death, groove)
3. LiquorWorks (djent, progressive, atmospheric) official website
4. Periphery (djent, progressive, metalcore)
5. Proton Kinoun (atmospheric)

A note about Periphery...
The vocals absolute suck. If you can find, download (or buy) the deluxe edition. It has a 2nd cd with the instrumental versions of each song. Blew my mind. Brilliant. Just a shame they had to throw in this emo pussy shit vocals that djent bands seem to be doing.

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