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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Another Month Goes By

Once again another month goes by without any posts by the AMG. Its been a slow time lately for the AMG music with all its main members frantically completing various work and study related assignments.

However, there a few updates that I can type up for everyone. But first I'll throw down the names of four more bands that are worth checking out.

The 4 Bands of the Month are:
1. Arc of Ascent
---a New Zealand stoner doom band that is basically brilliant
2. Quantum Heresy
---another recent djent band that follows the trends that are becoming pretty damn popular
3. Behindert
---a solo project that is somewhere between the sound and styles of Keith Merrow and Chimp Spanner
4. Maigra
---a band that incorporates djent into groove, similar vocals to Devil Driver

Alright, now for the news. Two of the AMG bands have created their own MSN accounts and emails so that you can get in contact with them directly. Perhaps ask them to support at a gig or what have you.

Deconstructed Surface:
------- deconstructed-surface@msn.com

The Blue Devil:
------- the-blue-devil@msn.com

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