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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Asylum Music Group - The Best of 2009

As a 'starter pack' type thing for the new year I decided I would make a compilation of the AMG bands for one disc/cd. And well, here it is: The Best of 2009 by The Asylum Music Group.

The album consists of 12 songs from The Blue Devil (both Pre Dave and Dave eras), Birth of Sol, Zaryathus and The M.E. Project and totals out at 55 minutes 46 seconds.


1. Burnt Me To The Ground - The Blue Devil
2. The Dark Rift - Zaryathus
3. Through Hell (Rough Mix) - The Blue Devil
4. Extending To Nothing - Birth of Sol
5. The Saga of Horse Renwa - The Blue Devil (Pre Dave Era)
6. The Tail of The Vetenary Gynacologist - The Blue Devil (Pre Dave Era)
7. The M82 Syndicate - Zaryathus
8. My Daughter - The M.E. Project ft. Christian Geese
9. Whats on Christians Mind - The Blue Devil (Pre Dave Era)
10. Burnt Me To The Ground (Acoustic) - The Blue Devil
11. Dance of The Antelope* - The M.E. Project
12. Cellestrial Visitors* - Zaryathus

* Previously Unreleased

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