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Thursday, January 21, 2010

New Band Joining The Asylum Music Group

The new band joining the AMG is still on the look out for a drummer. Although their is one potential candidate, they would very much like to hear from anyone that plays drums and is into Meshuggah.

The style of music they play is rather unique but its best summed up by giving a list of the main five bands that come through in the guitar playing.
1) Meshuggah
2) Suffocation
3) Pantera
4) Earth
5) Gojira

So if you are at all interested in drumming for that sort of band then contact me at asylummusic@msn.com

The band is situated in Auckland, round the North Shore. The drummer does not need to be able to move his entire kit around as they already have one permenantly set up where they practice.

To get an idea of the style of music, the best recording to listen to would be The Darkened Dawn or Through Hell by The Blue Devil as they were written by the same members. Listening to Through Hell will explain the reason for a drummer. Haha.

They recorded their first song today, obviously without drums. A blend of Earth and Meshuggah, completely improvised for the full 38 minutes and 54 seconds. Well granted a few of the riffs had come up in previous improvisational jams between the two guitarists but the majority of the riffs were completely new. Im not sure but it may be uploaded onto the net for free download, but it may not. We shall see. I guess it all depends on how good it actually sounds timing wise.

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