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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Band of The Week

Just realised that I never put up the band of the week for the Sunday just been. So I guess I'll kill two birds with one stone, do both last weeks and this weeks in one post.

So the band of the week last week is one of the pioneers in stoner, doom and drone metal. The latest album they have released is pure brilliant. Very ambient sounding and very well just listen to the thing, its great.

The band of the week last week is....



Visit their:
Official Website


The band of the week this week is another New Zealand band, and in my opinion they have come a long way since their first album. The music has become a great deal more refined and given a groove element that pokes through the crushing death metal riffs to give it an extremely powerful headbangers dream.

The band of the week, this week is....

Dawn of Azazel



Visit their:

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